Cities are Booming, and so is Urban Tech


By 2030, two thirds of the global population will be urban. City governments are looking to stimulate innovation, find solutions to climate change, and tackle the challenges that arise from a growing population. There is a pressing need to scale cities.


Together with Unknown Group, Scale Cities is launching a new initiative to support 30 scaleups that are solving city challenges in food, energy, water, waste, and mobility. Dealmaking Day fosters connections between scaleups, venture capital, and city governments, with the goal of supporting their international growth.

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Is your scaleup active in Food, Energy, Water, Waste or Mobility sectors? Then you came into the right place! This is an opportunity for you to make connection with international network of partners, customers, city governments and VCs with the potentially the beginnings of a new partnership/investments & more!


Scaling Urban Tech Together

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The current food system is under strain. The transition to a new, climate-neutral, and circular food system is essential to ensure the long-term supply of sufficient, sustainable, and healthful food in a healthy living environment. We need bridge-builders to help us make this transition: leaders who can think and act in systems and collaborate across fields of expertise to promote innovative solutions.

As the world’s population grows to 9.7 billion people by 2050, it’s more critical than ever to create more with less. Governments in developing countries will need to strengthen the sector’s resilience and sustainability as the water supply and sanitation (WSS) sector continues to face rising pressures, particularly due to the effects of climate change. Scarcity and safety, water efficiency, utility operations, monitoring and treatment, and data and analytics all benefit from innovation and technology.

To mitigate and fight climate change, we must reuse, repair, refurbish and recycle existing materials and products ‘to close the loop’ and adopt circularity in all aspects of our society. Together, we can implement new solutions around product and process innovation in order to bring additional value to materials, help reduce waste responsibly and shift to a fully circular economy!

Our energy mix is transitioning away from oil towards natural gas and renewables. Organizations are putting in a lot of effort to decarbonize the economy and establish new ecosystems. Affordable, clean, and secure energy is essential for boosting economic productivity, improving quality of life, protecting the environment, and ensuring national security.

The way we get from point A to point B is changing significantly. This shift is fostering a new personal mobility ecosystem, with implications far beyond the automotive sector. New, disruptive innovations will account for 56 % of overall revenues in the mobility business by 2030. New business models, production methods, service models, and distribution models necessitate the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

“Scaleups and governments tackling challenges in food, water, waste, energy and mobility – this is why SCALE Cities exists.”

– Bas Beekman, Founder SCALE Cities

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